Advance copy of the special provided by HBO:
Harley Quinn’s V-Day extravaganza, A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special, winds up for a cozy fireside chat (albeit without the fire) about the spirit of the holiday. It has peppered its hour-long runtime with enough feel-good fuzzies that it looks at first like we’ll get the ol’ hug ‘n learn Seinfeld hated so much.
But then it winks. “Sorry, wait, why are we doing this? ‘Cause everyone knows all this [stuff] already, so….” And at that point, it aborts the PSA and instead gives us a few more moments with the quirky couple of Harley and Ivy (and nearly a recap of Shrek the Third), driving home how strong their chemistry is, how genuine their romance feels, and how winsome Lake Bell and Kaley Cuoco’s voice performances are. I’m sold.
What I’m less sold on is a continuing “Harlivyverse.”

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